Give IT New Life

The TechReuse program is dedicated to providing affordable, licensed, and guaranteed computer systems to charities, non-profits, and underprivileged people. The program also works diligently to help protect the environment by enforcing a ZERO LANDFILL POLICY.

As of 2012 TechReuse has refurbished and distributed over 2,000 computer systems and 70,000 pieces of computer equipment to charities, not-for-profit organizations and underprivileged people in the Ottawa community. Since its inception over one thousand families and one hundred charities have benefited from its program.

With your donations, CompuCorps is bridging the digital divide in our community!


SECURE DATA SANITIZATION: The concern for information security and privacy is something we take very seriously. To guarantee the security of your memory storage devices an audit is conducted by CompuCorps. Our rigorous data sanitization process permanently and irreversibly removes all data.

ZERO LANDFILL POLICY: All electronics donated to us will be assessed for reuse, if any equipment cannot be reused, it will be sent to our related partners who have responsible recycling facilities to ensure proper disposal.

90-DAY WARRANTY: includes support and full replacement.

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