Great Computer Sale: Aug 1st – Aug 30th, 2015

Warehouse Sale

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Centretown Buzz Magazine, May 22, 2015, Page 5


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TechYouth program receives $10,000 for Pathways pilot project

Ottawa, Ontario May 5th 2015 – A pilot project aimed at youth participants of the Pathways to Education program received a generous grant from The Community Foundation of Ottawa. This is a great step in advocating for computer career skills programming needed to help bridge the digital divide gap in the city.

This TechYouth program is one that will give At-Risk youth, primarily from Aboriginal and Newcomer communities, practical work experience in an eight-week session led by CompuCorps staff, IT volunteer professional mentors, and community volunteers. The program will offer the youth of Pathways to Education, four different modules of computer learning including; refurbishment & computer building, Software & troubleshooting, coding and safety on the internet. The program in its entirety allows youth to communicate in a common technical language; create community bonds, which expand further than their peer group at school; helps bridge certain barriers; as well as to create a chance for both employ-ability and school skills.
The Pathways to Education program provides a comprehensive set of academic, financial and social supports to youth. The results of this unique program have been groundbreaking, reducing high school dropout rates by as much as 70 per cent, and increasing the rate at which youth go on to college or university by up to 300 per cent. The pilot project will provide youth an innovation hub where members of the community can come to either learn, partner, volunteer or donate to a program which helps to bridge the digital divide in the Ottawa community. The overall impact of this program has three main proponents: Employability, Mentorship, and Technology. School-to-work transition helps youth secure and maintain employment and today’s employers are looking for tech savvy individuals, meaning that teaching technology is a great tool to advance these youth.

The Community Foundation of Ottawa is a public, non-profit organization created by and for the people of Ottawa. It connects donors who care with causes that matter and serves as a trusted resource for addressing issues and leveraging opportunities in the community. It attracts and manages a growing endowment, the invested earnings of which provide grants to charitable organizations. The Foundation’s role is as neutral broker in support of all charitable causes that contribute to the community’s quality of life. With a growing profile, the Community Foundation of Ottawa has built an enviable reputation for astute financial management, high-quality donor services, strategic grant making and innovative partnerships. For more information, visit

For more information please contact:
Zeina Osman
Director of Communications
CompuCorps Mentoring Inc
613 234 8988 x 114

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The non-profit positions and their main tasks are described as follows:

Social Media Intern
- Creating and managing social media content (imagery, video and/or copy)
- Producing newsletters and other communication materials for internal and external audiences
- Assisting events
- Developing, executing and managing programs with influencers and content contributors
- Analyzing the impact of social media on our organization

Grant Writing Intern
- Writing grant proposals

Refurbishment Intern
- Overseeing inventory and recycling
- Managing system and server

Marketing & Public Relations Intern
- Online statistics and marketing of products
- Point of sale and customer relations

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Warehouse Sale: May 22nd – May 30th, 2015

Warehouse Sale

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Student Week Sale: April 24th – May 1st, 2015

Student Week Sale

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NGO Week: April 10th – 18th, 2015


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Girls’ TechYouth Program Starting Saturday, January 17th!

Our newest TechYouth (girls’) program will begin this Saturday, January 17th at 9:00 a.m.!

Participants will learn about Refurbishment/Computer Building, Software Loading and Troubleshooting, Website Coding, and Safe Computing.

There are still a few spots available! If you would like to enroll your child/teen in the program, please download this form:

TechYouth Girls’ Enrollment Form

Drop off the completed form at 1040 Somerset Street West.

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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: IT Volunteerism – Solving Canada’s Digital Divide

With Canada ranking 13th out of 16 peer countries in innovation, teaching technology early is key in keeping Canada competitive. Countries higher on the list, such as the U.K. are investing in computer literacy programs, offering tablets and coding classes as early as primary school. Building a stronger and more productive economy is only part of what makes tech in schools so essential. Implementing technology programs for youth doesn’t have to mean turning every student into a future programmer. Other benefits of digital literacy include collaborative student-to-student and student-to-teacher learning, according to a recent Pearson Education study.

The tech and social landscapes of Canada can no longer be separate. Canadian youth can no longer be mere consumers of technology. To stay competitive and productive, Canada’s tech industry must reach out to our youth and encourage them to become creators and interlocutors in the innovation economy.  Organizations like Compu Corps, an Ottawa-based organization which engages over 250 IT volunteers and contributes to over 100 ongoing charity projects, provides an exemplary model for Canada’s non-profit and tech sectors. Compucorps sends volunteers from the IT and tech sector into Ottawa communities for various educational projects, including an 8 week program for low-income kids between the ages of 12 and 15 that teaches coding, programming, computer building and refurbishing, and 3D printing.

An important step in bridging the digital divides is disseminating skills and expertise at a grassroots level. Entrepreneurs and IT professionals are more eager than ever to merge the tech and social spheres by giving back to the local and global community. Since providing learning opportunities in tech may break down Canada’s socioeconomic barriers and strengthen their industries, it is no surprise that tech and IT professionals are enthusiastically donating their time as TechMentors for Compu Corps and organizations like it.

IT professionals in Ottawa  seeking to make a contribution can learn more about monetary donations, volunteering (Tech Mentor) or donating used equipment by visiting

For opportunities to donate technology resources and/or software to charities, nonprofits, and libraries across Canada visit

Together, we can bridge the digital divide!

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Support Centre
1040 Somerset Street W
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4L3

TechStore Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 5pm
Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 3pm

(613) 234 - 8988 X 115