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JUN 19: Digital Access Day by National Capital Freenet, CompuCorps, Internet Society Canada

DATE AND TIME Tue, 19 June 2018 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EDT LOCATION Ottawa City Hall Jean Pigott Place Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1 DESCRIPTION We believe everyone should be able to use the internet to better their lives and [...]

Looking to raise funds for TechYouth Program

  We are looking to raise funds so that young girls between the ages of 11 and 15 can understand that they too, belong in S.T.E.M. TechYouth exemplifies CompuCorps’ involvement in the community by providing youth with the opportunity to [...]

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Please Support the TechYouth Program for 2017

Quote “I came to CompuCorps to learn about computer how to recycle, assemble and disassemble. CompuCorps really helped me to learn more about computers.”

TechYouth exemplifies CompuCorps’ involvement in the community by providing youth with the opportunity to interact with technology.


To benefit Canadian society by providing at risk groups (Aboriginal,
youth,  seniors and those living with disability) career and life skills
training focused on access to technology (computers) and the internet.
Our three programs include TechYouth, TechMentor and TechReuse.

  • Providing affordable, licensed, and guaranteed computer systems to charities, non-profits, and underprivileged people
  • Diverting hazardous materials away from landfill sites
  • Giving underprivileged youth the opportunities to gain practical work experience

TechReuse is a service of CompuCorps Mentoring, a registered Canadian charity helping other charities become more integrated into our networked society through computer volunteer projects, technical support, training, technology planning for people with limited access to technology. LEARN MORE

The typical desktop computer is relatively expensive for many families. At the same time, having a computer is very advantageous. So by providing free or low-cost refurbished computers, we can help these families become part of our computer-driven society. LEARN MORE


TechYouth exemplifies CompuCorps' involvement in the community by providing youth groups with opportunities to interact with technology. YouthZoom is a project run under TechYouth. LEARN MORE